Snowboard Lessons

Snowboard for all, adults and children.

Snowboard lessons  for adult and childern.
Nothing better then riding powder so why do not try snowboarding! Our team of young instructors will teach you the tricks to jump and have fun with friends. Monday till Friday for two and a half hours.

Enjoy this trend and ride with our qualified teachers on different terrains.

Snowboard lessons Bormio

Group lessons for beginner

Snowboarding is an absolutely fascinating sport and the expression of a new youth culture: not only sport but also “way of life”. Our school is always attentive to new trends and so its qualified instructors organize group lessons and workshops for all kinds of snowboard disciplines.

Snowboard lessons

Snowboard lessons for advanced riders

All weekends seasonal course! 10 lessons (also not consecutive). Starting on Saturday to Sunday for two and half hours per day from 10,30 to 13,00. Our young team of snowboard instructors will show you some tricks for jumping the hills and overcome the deep fresh snow. Come and join us!

Snowboard lessons for advanced riders


-Snowboard group lessons for children with an age over 8 years.
-Workshop for advanced boarders with free style lessons.