Alta Valtellina, paradise of Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike in Bormio

The Alta Valtellina is a paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts, those who love fun and adventure. At our Skill Center Bormio, you will find expert advice and offers for everyone, from experts to families. Our headquarters are located right in the heart of the town of Bormio, at the arrival of the famous Stelvio trail. Skill Center Bormio is the perfect place to come and learn, improve, and train in Mountain Biking. We offer skilled and capable coaches who will accompany you on various terrains at the highest levels. From beginner to professional, from child to adult, fun is guaranteed. Choose the tour of the most suitable difficulty level for you to fully enjoy the breathtaking scenery of our mountains.

Corsi di mountain bike a Bormio

MTB Courses for Children

Mountain Biking in Bormio represents the ideal place to learn the main techniques in a simple and enjoyable way. The courses are designed for both beginners and more experienced riders. Thanks to our teachings, children will learn how to ride, stop, maintain balance, develop better motor skills,
and gain confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Corsi MTB Bormio

Individual or Group Courses

What could be better than spending time outdoors! Kids need to move. During the various courses offered, techniques are learned in a playful manner, and fun is guaranteed! And if you can handle your Mountain Bike safely and want to improve your skills on bigger obstacles, our most qualified instructors will accompany you, exploring basic to advanced techniques, so you can pedal safely while enjoying the scenery.

MTB School Bormio
MTB School Bormio

Freeride MTB Tours Bormio

Come and discover spectacular locations, where you can climb at your own pace and have fun descending, while spending time with new friends.

Corso sci Scuola Materna

Corsi di Sci – Asilo

La Scuola Sci Anzi organizza il corso di sci per i bambini della scuola materna. Corsi di 2 ore per 5 gg consecutivi.

Anzi Ski Team

Anzi Ski Team

Lo sci club Anzi Ski Team e’ nato per i ragazzi che vogliono entrare nel mondo delle gare.  Ski Passion è il nostro motto.

Corso sci bambini - Bormio

Corsi di Sci per Bambini

Corsi di sci per bambini durante tutto il periodo invernale e sono parte di un programma di sicura e garantita qualità.