A new way to teach skiing to the little ones

Children Ski Lessons

The Anzi ski school in Bormio specializes in Children Ski Lessons, offering private and group courses for the little ones on the beautiful ski arena of Bormio. We understand that a child’s first experience with snow is crucial, and our well-equipped park ensures they can acclimate to the snowy world step by step, all while having loads of fun. Our ski instructors skillfully blend teaching with enjoyment, guaranteeing an unforgettable time on the snow for your children… and allowing Mum and Dad to relax!

Lesson timetables are flexible and can be arranged through our secretariat from Monday to throughout the week. To wrap up the course, we organize a traditional end-of-course competition on Friday, followed by an award ceremony. Join us for an exciting ski adventure for your little ones!


Group Lessons

Introductory group lessons for children from the age of 4. This course is designed to give children a first taste of skiing according to the motto “learning by playing”.

This course is designed to give children a first taste of skiing according to the motto “learning by playing”. In the well-equipped mini ski club the children will have fun and enjoy themselves under the supervision of qualified ski instructors for one and a half hours a day. At the end of the week, the children will conclude with a fun end-of-course competition followed by prize-giving and the delivery of gadgets for everyone.


Individual Lessons

Of course all the clients of our school can also get individualized tailor-made instruction: alpine skiing, snowboarding, freeride, fun-carving, racing technique, telemark skiing, in our team we have qualified instructors for all disciplines who will be able to get the best performance out of everybody.

We provide a comprehensive range of programs for all ability levels: we offer group lessons for complete novices (who have never skied before) as well as for good skiers. At the end of the week the children will take part in a race to show their parents how much progress they have made.

Performance Ski Training

Welcome to our Performance Ski Training, a haven for young champions! Our club is dedicated to nurturing the passion for skiing in young enthusiasts. With our specially designed courses, we aim to groom the next generation of skiing prodigies. Join us for an unforgettable experience on the slopes, where fun and learning go hand in hand. Let your little ones embark on an exciting journey of skill development and camaraderie with our expert instructors. At Ski Club Anzi, we believe in fostering a love for the mountains and a sense of achievement in every child. Get ready to carve your way to greatness!

Corso sci Scuola Materna

Corsi di Sci – Asilo

La Scuola Sci Anzi organizza il corso di sci per i bambini della scuola materna. Corsi di 2 ore per 5 gg consecutivi.

Anzi Ski Team

Anzi Ski Team

Lo sci club Anzi Ski Team e’ nato per i ragazzi che vogliono entrare nel mondo delle gare.  Ski Passion è il nostro motto.

Corso sci bambini - Bormio

Corsi di Sci per Bambini

Corsi di sci per bambini durante tutto il periodo invernale e sono parte di un programma di sicura e garantita qualità.