Active since 1972 in Bormio

Anzi Ski School – Our History

The Anzi Ski School, founded in 1970, has a rich history and specializes in teaching skiing to children. Located in the picturesque setting of Bormio, it has become a reference point for anyone seeking a high-quality skiing experience.

Over the years, the Anzi Ski School has expanded its range of courses for children and adapted its teaching methods to meet the needs of young champions. Highly qualified instructors create a playful and stimulating educational environment.

In addition to learning skiing techniques, the school promotes mountain safety and respect for the environment. Children are educated on the importance of responsible behavior on the snow, respecting the mountains and their beauty.

The Anzi Ski School has become an integral part of the local community and a sought-after destination for families visiting Bormio. Its reputation for excellence in teaching children has allowed many generations of skiers to learn to ski on the slopes of Bormio thanks to the dedication and passion of the school.


The ski school Anzi , borns in 1972, and have more than 20 ski instructors, among whom are world cup ski racers, national italian team trainers, club trainers, snowboard and telemark instructors. Who are at your disposal to show you the newest techniques, to answer your questions and giving advice, allowing you to learn to ski in safety as well as freedom.

The ski school Anzi, located at Ciuk near the Hotel Vallechiara, operates directly on the ski slopes of Bormio, the venue for the 2005 Alpine Ski World Championships and the now classic stage of the Downhill World Cup circuit, which takes place every year at the end of December. In summer the school transfers to the nearby glacier of the Stelvio. This is an ideal site both for beginners and for those who want to improve their capabilities. Throughout this historical development ski school anzi has contributed through targeted teaching and information about the various ski disciplines.

The Founder

In the 1950s, when skiing changed from being a passion for only a few to an important sport and tourist attraction, “Nani” Anzi created this school.

Nani Anzi

The Sons

Driven by his enthusiasm, his initiative was most successful. Today, his sons, Aldo, ex trainer of the “valanga azzurra” who runs the school, Stefano, olympic athlete in downhill skiing, Marco and Cesare and the grandchildren, carry on the tradition and have their centre in the Vallechiara Hotel at Ciuk. Today the director, Anzi Aldo, is supported by his 5 children who are all directly involved in the business.

Scuola Sci Anzi - i Figli
Arrival of the Ciuk gondola lift
Hotel Vallechiara
Corso sci Scuola Materna

Corsi di Sci – Asilo

La Scuola Sci Anzi organizza il corso di sci per i bambini della scuola materna. Corsi di 2 ore per 5 gg consecutivi.

Anzi Ski Team

Anzi Ski Team

Lo sci club Anzi Ski Team e’ nato per i ragazzi che vogliono entrare nel mondo delle gare.  Ski Passion è il nostro motto.

Corso sci bambini - Bormio

Corsi di Sci per Bambini

Corsi di sci per bambini durante tutto il periodo invernale e sono parte di un programma di sicura e garantita qualità.